Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dark Elf Warband Leader

I haven't had a chance to paint anything these last two weeks thanks to work :(
So when I had a few hours tonight free from conference calls with people in Mountain Standard time I took the opportunity to paint a figure. Sloshing through the dettol jar of old figures I found a likely champion for my generated RoC warband. 
I say likely, but in actual fact he was the few Dark Elf figures I could find. The jar of old figures contains lots of minis my friends and I collected back in the late 80's and early 90's, but none of us, it seems, took a fancy to Dark Elves, plenty of beastmen, bloodletters, thugs and warriors, but the evil skinny ones are noticeable by their absence. Absent that is with the exception of one or two Marauder Dark Elves.
I really liked the Marauder sculpts when they were unleashed onto the pages of white dwarf back then, and I must say they have aged well. The falcata style swords look a lot more practical, but every bit as menacing as the OTT spiky 'dagger axes' sculptors seemed to favour with later 90's Dark Elf minis. I'm pretty sure the full Marauder Dark Elf army was only £80 back then. Not something ebay has taken notice of :)

Not the best paint job in the world, but with only a few hours tonight to finish stripping, priming and painting him, I'm happy enough with the results. Once again, no basing material, ebay or the garden centre will have to sort this outrage out for me soon.

Trooper A from Dark Elf Regiment by Marauder Miniatures
Lacking the original Marauder miniatures convex and embossed shields I settled on an old placcy round shield from my bits box and painted a skull motif to make him suitably menacing ;)

So there we have it, a few hours work tonight to get me back on the right track with my RoC warband. I have grabbed a pair of suitable beastmen from the dettol jar to paint up as his left and right hand un-men this weekend.

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