Sunday, 16 February 2014

Koka and Cruimh

I've started a little Realm of Chaos warbands project to work on. I'm starting small with two heroes pledged to the opposing forces of Nurgle and Tzeentch. Both of our heroes rolled twice on the followers table and after a slightly fudged second dice roll (more a reassignment in truth) I was left with a human Nurgle champion who I've named Criumh (Irish for maggot/worm) and a Slann Tzeentchian champ. Cruimh starts with 5 human followers and 4 pestigor, whilst Koka gets 4 Slann and 4 Lizardmen to command. A nice start that should give me two very different and distinctive warbands. Extra fluff came from Koka's rolls for initial rewards and attributes, giving him the slightly daunting reward (no less for me than for his opponents) of Pseudo-demonhood and a firey blade. Whilst Cruimh got Mesmerising stare.

So I've earmarked and even painted a few minis for most of the forces, red redemption cultists and Bob Olley pestigors for Cruimh, some Slann and pre-slotta Lizardmen (I only have two lizardmen currently) for Koka.
I'm hoping to keep in particular Koka's warband 'themed', perhaps some old Norse Lustrian adventurers or Amazons for humans and maybe even Chaos Snakemen for beastmen if he survives long enough to get more followers. 

For Cruimh's human followers I went with the 4 command and a single trooper from the redemptionists set, trying to work a little worm motif into the shields and banner.

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