Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chaos Sorcerer

Another old Realms of Chaos era mini, this time a sorcerer I've painted in a more 'Nurgley' colour scheme. A heavy reliance on Foundry's Phlegm Green for the bulk of the miniature, and their boneyard and spearshaft triads elsewhere. Like so many citadel miniatures of the era he is a variation on a base theme, in fact he is brother to a miniature that formed the leader of my old Nurgle warband back when The Lost and the Damned was first unleashed.
The miniature in question held a scythe in his right hand and was making the 'devil sign' with his left. Sadly I haven't managed to find him on ebay yet for a reasonable price, so this guy will have to do for now.

Fun mini to paint, all I need now is some decent basing materials ;)

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