Monday, 11 March 2013

Morlock Soul Reaper

At least that's what he started life as in the Citadel catalogue, way back in 1987. He seems to have undergone a few make-overs since then, most notably the addition of a spiffing set of horns.

I got the miniature as part of a job lot of old 1980 minis in an ebay auction. He was badly painted, but a few nights soaking in neat dettol followed by a plenty of good scrubbings with a toothbrush and detergent soon sorted that out.

I painted him up using a combo of foundry and citadel paints, foundry bright red shade 15A as a base for the armour, followed by a few washes of citadel druchi violet. Then I worked up the highlights with foundry bright red 15B and C finally edging out the armour with yellow.


  1. He's looking very nice but a tad lonely!

  2. Not for much longer ;)
    Managed to pick up close to 100 1980's minis on ebay for a little over a quid each.
    He'll soon be joined by 20 or so other 1980's chaos warriors and an almost complete set of chaos dwarf renegades, once I figure how to clean tarnish/oxidation off of old lead minis that is.