Thursday, 28 March 2013

New recruits from an Ebay action

These 1980's citadel chaos figures were among the box that arrived for me today, thanks to a bit of unscrupulous last second bidding on my part, which, if truth be told, didn't make me feel too bad as the highest bidder had the sort of feedback numbers that in all likelihood marked him out as trader who would have just split the figures up into single lots to resell at fixed prices of at least 5 quid each. Well, at least that's what I tell myself when I feel guilty about my bidding tactics :)

The lots contained some classic old miniatures, including a dozen or so of Scarloc's elven archers, on old school regimental bases no less, a Goblin King's chariot, Noldor Deep Elves from citadel's original LOTR range, the Brommidir personality figure from the Bloodbath at Orc's Drift scenario for 2nd edition Warhammer and most importantly for me, lots of old school chaos figures,including the majority of the old Chaos Dwarf Renegades set.

Some of the figures appear to have suffered from lead oxidisation, nothing shocking considering their age and the high lead content of miniatures back then. But I'm hoping a soaking in a mildly acidic solution such as vinegar and a good stiff brushing will sort them out. 

So here they are...

Chaos Dwarf Renegades.
Chaos Dwarf Renegades. 
Chaos Dwarf Renegades

Chaos Sorcerers. 


Chaos Warriors.

Chaos Warriors.

Chaos Warriors.
Thugs and a Minotaur.



  1. Never feel bad about a won bid. You placed a bid for what they were worth to you and it was higher than the other guy. Nice haul look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    1. Haha, yeah. Ebay certainly helps to put a price on nostalgia.
      The benefits of being an adult I guess, being able to spend money on minis that I used to drool over in citadel flyers and white dwarf. I must admit when I opened the box and saw the little chaos dwarf with his hands resting on his axe I smiled. Remembering him from the pages of WD, his green cloak with 'chaos eye' motif on the shoulders brought back lots of memories. And just to make me smile even more, an old friend contacted me through facebook with a picture of a load of old minis, some of which I had painted 20 years ago, he was sending my way. Red Redemption cultists, pestigors and old Marauder minis beastmen.

      The only downside is both piles are Dark Elf free, I need to get a nice old school dark elf for my newly rolled warband, although, if truth be told, I'm tempted to stay clear of £5 ebay minis and pick up hasslefree's Ceril miniature.

  2. Thanks to the detective work here
    It would seem I have one half of the chaos blues brothers, Jaek and Helwood.
    That would explain the shades the mini is wearing :)